Everyone deserves to know their fees

At Smartly, we are open and transparent

Ever felt cheated by an unfair fee you learn about only after investing your money? Not at Smartly

No surprises

You will only be paying our annual management fee of 0.5%-1% per year and the underlying ETF fee charged by the ETF provider (between 0.1%-0.25% per year). That’s right, no sales charges or hidden costs!

How do we charge fees?

We don’t charge any fees upfront but instead deduct micro-amounts every day. This way you’re really only paying for the amount you’ve spent using our platform!

No restrictions or lockups

Unlike existing products, we don’t ask you to commit your money for a year or charge additional costs for premature withdrawals. Its your money and you can take it out any time, free of charge!

‘‘ Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas. ’’
Paul Samuelson

Our tiered annual management fee structure

Industry average


per year

on any account size with additional fees for rebalancing, withdrawals and trading



per year

accounts under S$10,000


per year

accounts over S$10,000


per year

accounts over S$100,000

No additional fees for rebalancing, withdrawals or trading

All this is included in the small fee


Personalized portfolio creation

Deposits and withdrawals

Unlimited free deposits and withdrawals


No trading commissions or hidden fees


Regular rebalancing and portfolio optimization


Personal risk analysis

Deposits and withdrawals

24/7 access to monitor your portfolio


Amazing customer support


Stress free investing

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How our fees will help your money grow

See how different your investment value can be over a longer period, simply from fees

My initial investment is S$10,000

S$65,905 is what you would have in 30 years time with Smartly.

S$38,557 is what you would have with a unit trust, simply from the fees!

Over 30 years you would be paying S$27,348 more in fees. That's almost 71% of your extra returns.

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