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‘‘ Time in the market is more important than timing the market. ’’
Warren Buffett

How investing with Smartly works



Everyone has goals, a future home, trip to New York or just retirement.



Answer a couple of questions and instantly get a personalized smart portfolio.



Start your journey with as low as S$50 and let our algorithms do the rest of the work.

Full transparency

Log in any time to get a full overview of your investments and their performance.

Built on Nobel-prize winning research

We use large amounts of data to construct portfolios that specifically meet your risk profile. Leveraging on Nobel-Prize winning theories and state of the art algorithms we give you a smart portfolio that meets your risk profile.

Global diversification

No-one can predict the markets and when things do take a downturn, its treacherous to have all your eggs in one basket. At Smartly we invest your money literally across the world into assets ranging from stocks, bonds, real estate and gold. Read more about our portfolios

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See how much you will win on fees

Investing S$ now and adding S$ every for the next with Smartly, you will be making S$10,300 more by paying lower fees than the industry average! That's a lot of money.

Paying the industry average 2.5% per year
You would have S$23,300
Going with Smartly 0.7% per year
You would have S$33,600

What Smartly does for you


Portfolio creation

Deposits and withdrawals

Unlimited deposits and withdrawals


No trading commissions


Regular rebalancing

Simple and clear pricing

Industry average


per year

on any account size with additional fees for rebalancing, withdrawals and trading



per year

accounts under S$10,000


per year

accounts over S$10,000


per year

accounts over S$100,000

No additional fees for rebalancing, withdrawals or trading

We use bank-level security for your money and data!

Your money is held by a trusted custodian

Even if something were to happen to Smartly, your money is still safely held by Saxo Capital, an MAS licensed broker and DBS Bank, Singapore’s leading bank.

Your data is encrypted and protected up to highest standards

In addition to multi-factor verification and SSL, we use 256-bit encryption to protect your data down to the server-level.

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